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Flexible Robotic System Offers Articulated Scope for Laryngeal and Colorectal Surgery

Adding Flexible Instrumentation to a Curved Videolaryngoscope

Medrobotics Flexible Robotic System technology utilizes a highly articulated multi-linked scope that can be steered along non-linear, circuitous paths in a way that is not possible with traditional, straight scopes.

The maneuverability of the scope is derived from its numerous mechanical linkages with concentric mechanisms. Flexible Robotic System enables surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures in places that were previously difficult, or impossible, to reach.

With this Flexible Robotic System, Surgeons can operate through a single access site and direct the scope to the surgical target. Once positioned, the scope can become rigid, forming a stable surgical platform from which the surgeon can pass flexible surgical instruments.

The system includes on-board HD visualization to give surgeons a clear view of the navigation path and surgical site.

Flex Robotic System

Medrobotics Corp., a medical robotics company, has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory clearance to market the Flex Robotic System for robot assisted visualization in general surgical, gynecological and thoracic procedures in the United States.

This clearance reaffirms the company’s progress to develop transformative products for single-port general, gynecological, thoracic and urological surgeries.

The award-winning Flex Robotic System has been widely recognized for advances in surgical robotic technology, including Best-in-Show at the 2016 Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) and a Best New Product at the 2017 Edison Awards.

The mobility and short learning curve of the Robotic System offer the promise of scheduling flexibility and efficiency not seen with other surgical systems.

Patients who seek care from hospitals with comprehensive robotics programs that include the Flex Robotic System may enjoy the best chance for the least invasive and most effective treatments of their condition.

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